Hack the Pulse 2022:  Friday March 11th - Sunday March 13th, 2022

Hack the Pulse 2022 is a virtual Hackathon that encourages high-school students from around the world to try and develop prototypes that will help the Healthcare system. Within the span of 36 hours, teams will work together to develop digital ideas aimed towards helping confront healthcare challenges that societies encounter today. 

There will be workshops, keynote presentations, interactive activities, and mentors to assist your creation along every step of the way. 



XdHacks Mini is a global high-school Hackathon organization dedicated towards hosting high-school Hackathons to inspire more youth to be engaged with the field of STEAM. Our events are where individuals come together and use technology to transform their ideas into reality in an attempt to create a feasible solution towards solving a relevant, real-world problem.

At XdHacks Mini, one of our core values is in teaching students of the importance of interdisciplinary learning in the modern technology industry. Our focus on students developing an interdisciplinary mindset sets us apart from other Hackathon organizations. We highlight the significance of soft skills such as presenting a pitch, in tandem with hard skills like coding. We believe entrepreneurship, in addition to having a deep foundation within a skill like coding, sets students up best for the future.

XdHacks Mini has hosted over 10 hackathons, with the XdHacks Mini Vancouver branch on their 4th hackathon. 

OFFICIAL DRAFT SCHEDULE: https://bit.ly/hack-the-pulse-schedule. This schedule is subject to change before finalization. 

WEBSITE: https://mini.xdhacks.com/vancouver/ 

Speaker Description Workshop Title Workshop Description
Annie Martin - Canadian Space Agency Keynote Address The Keynote Address will provide insight and tips to having a wonderful experience at Hack the Pulse 2022!
Galacia Gordon - Leading Learners Expansion 101 Turn your idea into a reality with this step-by-step and story-like workshop from Galicia Gordon, the Founder of Leading Learners.
Sheillah Bagayana - FreO2 Foundation Innovations in Medical Oxygen The workshop will focus on inspiring participants in innovation and design beyond their current scope. It will also introduce simple basics of innovation that participants can think about and start working with an innovative lens.

Brian Fraser - SFU Lecturer

Let's Git Going - Hands on! Hands-on workshop introducing using Git and GitLab. We'll talk a little about what Git is, and why it's the most popular Version Control system for teams! We'll use VS Code for us all to work with, but the skills you learn will serve you well in any environment. Will also introduce the projects that Dr. Brian's students are working on for health care referrals in Uganda and Sierra Leone.
Phuong Ngo & Jeff Lu Introduction to Java

This workshop is geared towards complete beginners and experienced coders who want to learn the basics of Java. Topics covered in the workshop include: types of variables, declaring variables, conditional statements, using loops, manipulating strings, and a brief introduction to object-oriented programming. This workshop is especially handy for those who are interested in AP Computer Science. 

Haimantika Mitra - Microsoft Introduction to Azure In this workshop you get introduced to cloud computing and Azure 
Other workshops (see schedule)  

A variety of workshops for all skill levels. Please see the tentative schedule for more information. 

Workshop times can also be found via the link. 


  1. It's Fun!
  2. Learn! Whether you are seasoned Hackathon veteran or first-time beginner, you will acquire something new out of Hack The Pulse 2022. 
  3. Network with professionals. Successful entrepreneurs, world-renowned speakers, and amazing mentors will participate at Hack The Pulse 2022.
  4. Win amazing prizes (more info later)!
  5. Make new friends and expand your connections.
  6. Gain valuable skills! This is an event like no other!



  1. Apply on DevPost
  2. Follow email instructions for steps to confirm your participation
  3. Wait for a follow up email to join our Discord channel.
  4. Invite your friends and create a team. 
  5. Start Hacking!

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD1,000 in prizes

First Place

$150 Gift Card of Choice
Lifetime Taskade Unlimited Upgrade
Leading Learners Expansion Pack (Valued at $100 USD)
Official XdHacks Mini Vancouver T-Shirts (Lower Mainland Residents Only)
Overall 1st Place Certificate (all team members)

Second Place

$100 Gift Card of Choice
Lifetime Taskade Unlimited Upgrade
Leading Learners Expansion Pack (Valued at $100 USD)
Official XdHacks Mini Vancouver T-Shirts (Lower Mainland Residents Only)
Overall 2nd Place Certificate (all team members)

Third Place

$75 Gift Card of Choice
Lifetime Taskade Unlimited Upgrade
Leading Learners Expansion Pack (Valued at $100 USD)
Official XdHacks Mini Vancouver T-Shirts (Lower Mainland Residents Only)
Overall 3rd Place Certificate (all team members)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


XdHacks Mini Judges

XdHacks Mini Judges
XdHacks Hackathon Association

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How effective is the solution to the target audience? How impressive was the project technically? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly original technique or various components?
  • Design
    Is the product visually appealing? Did the team create an aesthetically preferable user experience? Does the team have an accessible platform for the audience?
  • Practicality
    Is the product economically and socially feasible? Does the function of the project work? Does the project address the problem they are trying to solve? Is the solution accessible and sustainable in the long term?
  • Prototype
    Is your prototype comprehensive and able to communicate your entire project? Is the prototype functional and able to show the ideal outcome of the solution?
  • Presentation
    Does the presentation effectively showcase the project? Is there any contradiction between the presentation and the product? Did the presentation sufficiently outline all details about the project?

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